Valid from 21 February 2013 onwards.
Revised:  October 2015


‘Word In Veg Ways’ is a personal blog written and edited by me, Anna Rose.  All articles are written by me from my personal view point except where indicated otherwise. 


All recipes featured are my own unless otherwise stated.  Where a recipe or elements of it have been extracted from other sources, credit and/or weblinks will be given as appropriate.  I am not liable for the consequences of any recipes replicated from my site.  If you would like to use a recipe that I own, please contact me via:  wordinvegways@hotmail.co.uk

PR & Reviews: 

I am interested in reviewing samples, events, venues or other goods/services which have vegetarian offerings and that would be of interest to my readers/followers. 
All samples, invitations and equivalent received, will be judged on its merits using the above mentioned criteria.  If chosen, reviews would be conducted in an open and honest manner, using my own opinions and beliefs.  If it is felt that endorsement cannot be given and/or that it does not fit the ethos of the blog, then a review will not be produced and the product/service’s point of contact will be advised.  See ‘Disclosure -Articles/Products’ section within this page for further information.
In addition, any claims made by a product or service should be verified directly with the manufacturer or service provider as appropriate and will not be addressed via this blog. 

Sponsored Articles & Competitions: 

At present, I do not feature Sponsored Posts and I do not run competitions or prize draws.


Disclosure - Articles/Products: 

I am obliged to advise my readers/followers where a product/service has been mentioned/reviewed following a form of compensation.   

Where blogposts contain a review that has been produced following a given sample, invitation or via other forms of compensation, this will be indicated within and/or at the end of the blogpost.  Please see the ‘PR & Reviews’ section within this page for further information.

Where articles are supported by a discount offer for readers, Word In Veg Ways/Anna Rose is not liable for any subsequent issues with the discount.  All queries relating to any discounted offers should be made directly with the provider.


If you would like to use any of the content/photographs that are featured on my website, please would you be kind enough to contact me beforehand via:  wordinvegways@hotmail.co.uk
Thank you!


Just a few items to note about the site for your information.
This blog is purely a fun site to share vegetarian food ideas and is not a forum for political or ethical vegetarian views or issues, neither is it a forum for nutritional advice.  For more information about vegetarianism and vegetarian nutrition, a suggested organisation to contact would be The Vegetarian Society - www.vegsoc.org.
Site content is subject to change without prior notice.
Use of the information taken from this website is at the user’s risk.  No liability will be taken for it.
Any links to other websites on this blog are purely featured for reference only.  Links do not signify endorsement and any query about the links’ content, should be made directly with the link’s owner.

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