Monday, 19 August 2019

Review: Honey & Smoke (Honey & Co)

Take a little walk down Warren Street and its surrounding roads in London; and as well as noticing a Bagpuss windowed emporium featuring a 'We Love Pat Butcher' bust in the window (much LOLs),  but you'll also see a number of Itamar Srulovich's enterprises prefixed with 'Honey & .....'.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Itamar's CV boasts years of experience from chef work in Tel Aviv to working at the hailed Ottolenghi's and now he has his own restaurants and food businesses serving Middle Eastern food supported by a plethora of plaudits from customers.

You have the original of Itamar's restaurants on Warren Street, Honey & Co with Honey & Spice a few doors down which is a Middle Eastern deli/food shop.

Photo: Word In Veg Ways

Round the corner on Great Portland Street you have Honey & Smoke which has the same kind of offering as Honey & Co but with more of a grill menu and is perhaps a little bigger in size.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

So that's where we went a couple of months ago after a long day of sightseeing.

We'd got there early, pre-5pm, walking through the small reception area filled with cook books and store cupboard items for sale.  We came to the tabled area where there were only a couple of other people dining, but our welcome was warm and our waiter was exceptionally jovial and ready with the banter.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Tempted by the £32.50 Seasonal Sharing Menu, we liked the idea of the mezze starter selection so that we could sample a wide range of dishes without committing to particular ones.  This price also included a main course from the Grill menu.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

The mezze starters were amazing!  We couldn't get enough them.  Each dish served in small, typical mezze bowls, it was all replenish-able so we could keep eating our favourite items.  The items listed in the link above, slightly differ to the ones we had, but are in the same vain.  Our waiter was very helpful in describing each dish and making recommendations.  He was also excellent in ensuring that my chilli allergy was observed and asked the kitchen to modify a few of the items so that I could enjoy them.  With the whole mezze menu being vegetarian, it was a delight to be able to experience everything.

Aubergine & Burnt Yolk with Tahini
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Trouble is, we were fearful that our over indulgence with the mezze would affect our appetite for the main course.  We were getting full truth be told, but ensured we still had room.  I opted for the Aubergine & Burnt Yolk with Tahini.  It was hearty and char cooked giving it a smokey taste but with multi-textured layers.  Delicious as it was, having tasted the variety within the mezze, in some ways I wish I would've had them the other way round so I could get the cornucopia of flavours at the end via the mezze but in no way did it affect my enjoyment of the meal.

We really enjoyed our visit and by the time we finished and were ready to go, the restaurant was filling up and the atmosphere building.

A great standard of food which is changed seasonally, superb for those who frequent the restaurant regularly keeping the menu fresh.  If you like places such as Ottolenghi, The Palomar and the like, then it is worth detouring from the West End chain outlets packed with tourists to try what is now part of London's gastro scene.  So take a walk down Warren St where you can start loving Honey & Co and loving of course, Pat Butcher!

Note:  We paid for our food and drinks in full.  The venue did not know we were visiting or that I am a blogger or that I would be conducting a review/article.