Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Review: Peggy Porschen Cakes London

Many moons ago I was on a London bus en route to Victoria Station.  I was staring out of the window, admiring the immaculate houses in Belgravia, surmising how many millions they would cost when suddenly a vision of pink appeared, looking absolutely fabulous!  I managed to catch the name of it before the bus hurtled past - Peggy Porschen Cakes.

Next thing I know, I'm watching 'Made In Chelsea' and one of the scenes is filmed in there.  I took both occurrences as a sign that I must go.

So I did.  Took me a bit longer than from when my original 'occurrences' happened, but nevertheless, a recent trip to London allowed time for a visit.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways
Very much fitting in with its well heeled neighbours, upon closer inspection, Peggy Porschen's is indeed a pink palace with its doorway draped in pink hued flowers, peonies and the like with foliage woven in between.  It's actually stunning.  The warm weather and it being a Saturday meant you had to queue to get a chance of being seated inside or on one of their pavement tables, but as both options had few seats, it would be a long wait.  The queue was being managed and everyone had dressed nicely to be there, I suppose in readiness to have their photo in the floral archway which will subsequently be uploaded onto Instagram.  

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

MCH and I were not in the mindset to queue so we went straight inside to buy some cakes to takeaway and eat later.  There were an array of large cakes cut into slices or single cupcakes to choose from.  MCH went for a Chocolate Truffle slice and I had Summer Berries slice.  Boxed up and placed in a sturdy gift bag, amazingly they survived being carried round whilst sightseeing and a packed train journey.  So when we arrived home we experienced:  Chocolate Truffle - which was rich and dense layered in intervals of chocolate cream and sponge.  Summer Berries was comparable to a large Victoria Sponge with layers of cream and jam.  Covered in pink icing, topped with fresh berries and edible flowers.  (See the website for images).  It was all jolly nice and I was assured at point of purchase that it was suitable for vegetarians.  It wasn't cheap at approximately £5.95 per slice, but it was a delicious treat to have.

Photo: Word In Veg Ways
Peggy's pretty pink parlour is no longer a secret tucked away in a side street of affluent London, it's now becoming well known destination for those that are lovers of good cakes, a good photo opportunity or  who just want to be immersed into a pink bubble!  As well as the main Belgravia shop, there is now a venue in Chelsea so clearly there are plans to go more mainstream.

I would like to have a proper sit-down experience next time I visit as it did seem a very pleasant venue for enjoying a coffee and cake and I especially love London pavement cafe seating as you can take in your surroundings coupled with a bit of people-watching.   

Definitely a recommendation, put it on your to-do list and if you do go, save me a seat as I'll be going back!

Note:  I paid for my purchases in full.  Peggy Porschen's did not know I was visiting or that I am a blogger or that I would be conducting a review/article.