Monday, 4 March 2019

Tłusty Czwartek & Shrove Tuesday

I'm a sucker for tradition.  I may have mentioned this once or twice throughout my blog.

Over the weekend, Mum and I had a belated Tłusty Czwartek celebration on Saturday and we called it Tłusta Sobota (Fat Saturday) instead.  

In essence, Tłusty Czwartek translated means 'Fat (Greasy) Thursday' and is the Polish version of Shrove Tuesday, observed on the last Thursday before Lent.  Cakes, sweets and other goods are eaten that day which are, and their ingredients, 'forbidden' during the Lenten period.  Doughnuts (pączki) are eaten in the main, symbolised by their high fat content, along with faworki (angel wings) which are twisted dough strips, deep fried and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

For our mini Fat Saturday event, I decided to buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Mum had never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut before and relished the one I bought her.  I followed suit, coupled with a nice big mug of tea, it was a joyful way to mark the occasion.  

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Mum talked about her memories of Poland, how people would gather at others' houses and have big doughnut feasts.  They'd always be someone making them by hand in someone's kitchen.  This probably still goes on now in Poland but perhaps like us here, it can be easier to buy them from a shop or bakery.

Regardless, it boils down to tradition and it is about family time.  Both of which I fiercely promote.

Same again tomorrow when I flip into Anglo mode and make pancakes for myself and MCH (My Carnivorous Husband) for Shrove Tuesday.  I'll be using celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine's recipe which I've championed over recent years as it works a treat compared to others I've tried.  If you fancy a go, here it is, word for word as per one of Gizzi's Tweets:

110g Plain Flour
Pinch salt
Pinch sugar
1 free range egg + 1 yolk
½ pint milk
2 tbsp vegetable oil/melted butter


Whether you're making pancakes, frying doughnuts or eating cake, I hope you enjoy your pre-Lent celebrations and embrace whichever tradition you follow.