Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Din Dins at Min Mins

I suppose a number of my recent posts have been reminiscent of past events or have been prompted by things I’ve come across (again).

One of my little trips down Memory Lane this time have led me to think back to when myself and MCH (My Carnivorous Husband) went to see Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) back in April at the Institute in Birmingham.
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

Getting into Birmingham a tad earlier that night, we decided to try out Min Min’s located opposite the Arcadian car park for a quick dinner.
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

Having heard good things and lots of people loving its eclectic charm (pink moped by the till for instance), we thought it was worth a shot.
Walking in at roughly 6pm on a Sunday night, there were a good number of people in there – couples, families and a few lone diners, but yet we could easily find a table.  The set up was almost Scandi-canteen style with metallic furniture, all very informal.
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

Our waitress was dutiful but not gushy and we were left to our own devices to study the menu.  The menu was somewhat ‘busy’ with lots pictures of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food supported by multi-lingual descriptions.  The vegetarian options weren’t accurate as seafood and some fish dishes were marked as vegetarian which I wasn’t very impressed by and so I had to study the menu harder to ensure that what I did choose in the end was 100% veggie.  Something strict vegetarians would need to bear in mind.
Veggie Pad Thai
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

I had the Veggie Pad Thai and MCH had a Beef Curry.  Portion sizes were adequate and although we both felt our respective dishes were nice, they didn’t wow us.
Beef Curry
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

All in all, Min Mins is great for quick, easy food when you need a meal pitstop rather than for a leisurely night out of feasting.  Its convenience works in its favour, close to Birmingham Hippodrome, Gay Village and the bars in the Arcadian area, ideal to visit en route to ‘wherever next’.

Oh yeah, and by the way, Mel C was amazing!  Ziga-zig-aaaa………