Sunday, 26 March 2017

Just a Coffee.... at Damascena

Last Sunday was just one of those lovely Sunday afternoons that flowed from one nice thing to another.   Having walked around Birmingham Botanical Gardens first, taking in that early spring sunshine, en route home, we popped to Moseley for a coffee.  Just a coffee I thought.

Ushering My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) towards Damascena, I was surprised at how busy it was - it was 3pm, I thought it would've been quite empty but alas no.  Lucky to find a table, we found it all rather delightful, like being in the midst of a quaint souk, if you can imagine such a thing.  Middle Eastern inspired furniture and soft furnishings adorn every corner and ceiling point, complemented by a Middle Eastern menu.  

Falafel, halloumi and aubergine are the staple three items that feature heavily within the menu in different guises - in wraps and mezzes to name a couple.  The desserts are amazing too such as baklava glossed in sticky honey, hot drinks ranging from Turkish/Arabic strong coffee to the sharp freshness of a Moroccan Mint Tea.  But of course, you can have a mug of good old fashioned 'builder's tea' or a cup of decaf if that's all you're after.

The 'just a coffee' idea soon expanded to include a Halloumi Wrap and a Baklava Mini Selection.  MCH pinched a couple of pieces off my plate, equally I had a decent mouthful of his wrap and instantly wished I'd have ordered my own.  Never mind.  Not able to take the pace of strong coffee, I stuck with my usual Cappuccino and MCH had a large Turkish Coffee served in a beautiful Turkish silver cup with pouring jug.

He ate his pieces of Turkish Delight that accompanied his coffee before I could make claim on one of them.  He told me they were delicious, I can only vouch that they looked delicious.

Baklava Mini Selection
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

I'm afraid that I only took one photo, we were somewhat caught up in the gastro-moment, a bit too endeared with our food and coupled with sticky baklava covered fingers, photos were way down on our list of things to do. Sorry.  But I hope you take that as a sign of us enjoying our time there.

With Damascena now in Birmingham city centre (Temple Row West, by Snow Hill) as well as in Moseley, you have double the opportunity to visit 'just for a coffee'........