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Review: Bottomless Brunch at The One Elm

I actually do love the event of brunch, especially at the weekend when you wake up later than normal, sometimes with a hangover, sometimes with hunger and this hybrid of breakfast and lunch can hit the spot to subside both those feelings.

Photo:  c/o The One Elm
Not often getting the chance to indulge in a bit brunching, it was nice to have the opportunity to pop out for brunch this particular late September Saturday morning and try out The One Elm’s offering in Stratford Upon Avon.

Stratford upon Avon was busy, busy, busy when we went as on top of the usual tourist traffic the town gets, it was also the weekend of Stratford Food Festival so even more people were around. 
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways
The beauty of The One Elm is that it is on the cusp of the town centre, close enough to walk into the town with ease but just far enough out to take a breather from the crowds.  If coming from the M40/A3400 Birmingham direction, I suggest using the Arden Street car park as then you get back on the road much easier than having to negotiate with the traffic within the centre.

Outside Courtyard Area
Photos:  Word In Veg Ways

Arriving for 10am, there were a good number of people in there already having brunch and as the weather was glorious, we decided to sit in the outside courtyard area which attached to the Victorian style building of One Elm, is enclosed with trees and plants surrounding it.  There are plenty of varying sized tables and chairs which are accompanied by heater lamps and newspapers to read and there is a small sofa area which is available for hire.
Upstairs Dining Area
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

If you choose to stay indoors you’ll see The One Elm very much echoes the Peach Pub environment with eclectic décor and tasteful furnishings and we particularly liked the gallery of David Bailey photographs on the walls of the upstairs dining area.
Inside The One Elm
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways
The brunch menu can work any way depending on what you fancy.  So if you only want to have a hot drink and a muffin then those items are individually priced or if you have a big thirst or hunger, then the all-in-one package of ‘Bottomless Brunch’ is the best option for you.

Drilling it down even further, the ‘Bottomless Brunch’ comes in two packages –

1) Stiff : with alcohol (certain alcoholic drinks only but inc: hot drinks) - £20.00 per person
2) Soft : without alcohol (soft drinks & hot drinks) £15.00 per person

There are certain stipulations about how you order the food to avoid waste and to ensure that the whole group you are with all eat at the same time.  Also, the brunch session is up to a maximum of 2 hours long.  To be honest, that’s plentiful.
MCH's Favourite Filmstar - Michael Caine
David Bailey Portrait
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

The brunch menu almost falls into a Starter/Main/Dessert format whereby you can choose from different granola and fruit combos, followed by hot sandwich/muffin options, full English breakfasts and then waffles/pancakes.
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

We went for the pancake option first with a big pot of tea.  I had the Superfruit, Natural Yoghurt and Honey Pancakes whilst My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) had the Blueberry & Ricotta Pancakes – which was ideal as we could try each other’s.  We couldn’t work out if the pancakes were ready-made or made on site and the girl who served us wasn’t sure either, but they were pleasant nevertheless.  We both liked the combination of flavours on my portion but we liked the hint of savoury via the ricotta version a little more.
Eggs Benedict
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

MCH is a man who enjoys his eggs so he opted for the Eggs Benedict with Salmon on a Bagel.  He commented it was a good portion of salmon, the hollandaise sauce was rich and the white bagel was soft.

Veggie Full Cooked
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

I however fast-forwarded to the Veggie Full Cooked which consisted of: veggie haggis, spinach, eggs, tomato, mushroom & beans.  I swapped the eggs for avocado with sourdough bread (taking inspiration from one of the muffin sandwich ideas).  The veggie haggis was very delicious and nutty, it was the jewel in the crown here and it was so nice to see it, along with the spinach as a different alternative to the standard veggie breakfasts you see around.  I was surprised there was no mention of veggie sausages, although I assume that the haggis replaces them.  I didn’t get my beans, I think an oversight because of the changes I requested.  Our waitress was deeply apologetic and I was offered something else to make up for it, but I’d eaten the breakfast by that point and to be honest I was quite full but it was nice that she offered me something extra.

MCH of course went for the Meat Full Cooked which was made up of:  Jimmy Butler’s Sausage & Bacon, Mushroom, Black Pudding, Eggs and Tomato.  He enjoyed it very much, the meat was of a good quality and mentioned that the presentation of it was more elegant than that you’d find in a greasy spoon café!  (Stands to reason)!

The only thing we did both think was that the portion size (for both full cooked versions) could have been a little more generous with a few things like having extra tomatoes and mushrooms to match the stand alone price of each (£10.00 meat version and £9.00 veggie option).  But as combinations of cooked breakfasts go, they were very good – the vegetarian especially so.
Brunch Punch & Mimosa
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Rounding off with a Brunch Punch cocktail (rum/vodka based) for MCH and a little Mimosa for me, our Bottomless Brunch was the perfect way to start our morning before we headed off to the food festival in town.

If you like your food (like we do), then the Bottomless packages are by far the best deal and you can experience all the different dishes within.  For veggies it is perfect, with an excellent range it really was one of those rare times where I did have plenty to choose from which was music to my ears!

Overall, good location, good food and a good way to start your weekend!


Disclosure:    This post has been written following a kind invitation from The One Elm to sample their Bottomless Brunch menu.  This review was conducted honestly without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website.      














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