Sunday, 29 November 2015

Culinary Captures - November 2015

There are some lovely foodie offerings around right now, both for purchasing or as places to visit.  Below are a few things that have caught my eye recently and so I've decided to feature them in my Culinary Captures for November!  Enjoy!


Fudging Lovely

I think everyone likes a little fudge, especially when it is home-made.  And that thought is what inspired Shelagh Keating to create ‘Fudging Lovely’, a brand of home-made fudge in a variety of contemporary flavours. 
Having tasted some recently, I really enjoyed it and their pretty little Cath Kidston-esque patterned boxes make them being a wonderful gift for anyone who loves a square or two of fudge!  Perfect for Secret Santa or stocking filler gifts. 


Photo:  c/o Little Social
Doughnuts at Little Social

I received an email alert recently which featured these doughnuts and described them with such aplomb that I felt I had to simply share this with you all! 
Now, I think we’re all au fait with run-of-the-mill jam doughnuts (which are fabulous in themselves), but these really sound like they are the Rolls Royce of the doughnut world!

Defined as:  Maple-Glazed Doughnuts with Baked Bramley Apple, Cinnamon and Port Filling, I found myself instantly craving for one of these, they sound so good!  Even Harpers Bazaar declared them "impossibly soft and exquisitely moreish". 
With the Jewish festival of Hanukkah occurring next month where traditionally oil-based items such as doughnuts are eaten, if celebrating, these would be perfect to mark the occasion with! 

If anyone is off to Little Social, then please try one and let me know what you think – I’d love to know!

Photos:  c/o Star & Garter

Star & Garter Leamington Spa
I love Peach Pubs here in the Midlands and I’ve had the pleasure of eating at The Highfield in Birmingham and The Rose & Crown in Warwick where good food and contemporary surroundings are a given. 

New to the Peach Pub family is The Star & Garter in Leamington Spa near Warwick.  What promises to be a similar offering, I can’t wait to go and check it out!  If you go before I do, tell me what you think!           

Photo:  c/o Nama London
Nama London

After seeing their gorgeous, vegan food on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch programme recently, I feel the need to give these guys a special shout!  Their tempting raw food offering is 100% meat & dairy free, vegan, organic, unprocessed and they are also gluten free. 
With Breakfast goodies such as: Spiced Apple Grawnola for the taking which consists of: a crunchy mix of activated almonds, sprouted buckwheat & spiced fruit served with fresh blueberries, served with thick vanilla cashew yoghurt on the menu or their dinner time salad special of:  a special blend of nutrient dense dulse, wakame and nori seaweeds mixed together with kohlrabi, cucumber and mixed seeds with a sesame and tahini dressing – definitely makes you want to know more, they just sound so good for you!

Based in Notting Hill in London, check out their site for more information: 


Note:  All items/services featured have been personally selected and I have not received any incentive or compensation to feature them. 

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