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Postcards From America: Roxy's Diner Las Vegas

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My third little Postcard from America features Roxy’s Diner which is Las Vegas’s tribute to vintage Americana.

The Stratsophere Hotel
Photo:  Francis & Francis Photography

Based at the Stratsophere Hotel at the north end of the Las Vegas’s Strip (which is known more for its SkyJump and thrill ride opportunities on the 107th floor), Roxy’s is located on ground level and deserves a bit of a fanfare of its own.

Inside Roxy's Diner
Photo:  Francis & Francis Photography

So, you go in and instantly get transported to 1950-something where the booths are bright red, the floor is chequered black and white and the Server team are all kitted out in 1950’s shirts with some sporting cute pony tail hairstyles.

Its repertoire focuses on burgers and milkshakes in the main as you would expect.  With only a couple of things to choose from for vegetarians, I went for the Black Bean Burger which came with the obligatory fries and pickles (gherkins to us Brits), plus grilled portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper and buffalo mozzarella.  Portion size was nice and hearty (the burger was half-pound to be exact).
Black Bean Burger Meal
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) had a large beef burger with all the trimmings and the meat options on the menu were aplenty.

Glorious Milkshakes!
Photo: Word In Veg Ways

The milk shakes were huge and they were gloriously thick.  Served before our food had arrived, I had to muster some restraint not to consume it all in one go and thus ruining my appetite, but we were in Sin City after all and being hassled by temptation, I did sneak in some cheeky sips but thankfully our food arrived and that prevented any further gluttony.

Thick shakes and 1950’s memorabilia to one side, Roxy’s has a secret weapon that beats any of the other eateries I saw  - and that is the music.  In the main, you hear a host of golden oldies from way back when piped through the speakers and it has you tapping your feet and tra-la-la-ing away but then periodically, it stops.  The Server/Waiting team put their order pads down and break into song themselves!  Again from the 1950/60’s songbook they belt out classics such as ‘To Sir With Love’ whilst skipping round the diner in a bid to ensure everyone hears!  This is wonderful I tell you!

So when the “any requests” announcement was made, I was straight up.  Asking for “anything from Grease” (which encapsulates the 1950’s in cinematic format in my opinion), I was thrilled when our Server (a lovely lady called Monroe) sang ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ from the film! 

Aiming for our table, she then offered the microphone for me to sing into it and putting my shake down I got straight into the lyrics (those that know me well will not be surprised by this) – I could’ve sang all night……….  But this was Monroe’s ditty so microphone back to her and me back to my shake. 

But doesn’t that just add a divine kitsch element to it all and make everyone feel so uplifted?

MCH exclaimed in between dunking his fries in ketchup, “I love it here”.  “And so do I” I said – it was probably our favourite eatery in Las Vegas.    I guess, purely because it was reasonably priced, had something for us both to choose from, was blessed with that nostalgic feel and of course it possessed the uniqueness of the singing. 

I make no apology for this gushy blogpost.  This is a must for anyone visiting Las Vegas – it’s as simple as that (although my only suggestion would be a few more veggie options would be welcomed on the menu). 

And next time I hear from something from the Grease soundtrack, I’ll be reminiscing about those big thick shakes, with or without a microphone in hand………… :)

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