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2015 Food Trend Predictions by The Plough Harborne

The Plough, in Harborne Birmingham is no stranger to accolades.   The Plough has been recognised for its coffee, Sunday lunch and interior – named by the Independent as ‘Best Coffee Shop’, celebrated by The Times for the 'Best Sunday Lunch in the Region' and awarded the ‘Best Restaurant / Bar Design’ at the Northern Design Awards.

Backing up the awards won, they are passionate about the food they offer.  As well as having a strong environmental stance and sourcing local ingredients where possible, they endeavour to keep their menus current, reacting to feedback and seeing what is trending in the wider foodie arena and delivering that back to the customers. 

Plough Director Adam Johnson said, “The team invests a lot of time researching and exploring the latest themes and innovations in the industry.  Alongside this we also work closely with our regular customers who help inform everything from our menu to interior. This provides us with unique insights and our predictions are based on these whilst offering a glimpse of our plans for the year ahead.”

As per Adam's comment above, The Plough have devised their own predictions for 2015 and they are outlined below.

I hope like me, you find them of interest. 

What food predictions have you thought of or come across?  Get in touch, I'd love to know!


The Plough has revealed its food and drink insights for the year ahead. The 6 trends - Healthy and Hearty, On the Rocks, Beyond the Kale, Home Grown, Keep It Street and Feel the Heat - have been devised by the development team at the popular pub in Harborne.

The Plough’s 2015 food and drink trends are:


Beyond the ubiquitous January health drive we anticipate a real focus on healthy fodder throughout 2015. We’re all for healthy living at The Plough but compromise on taste? Never! We’ll be championing healthy and hearty; think nutrition and flavour packed sweet vegetables cooked to perfection alongside interesting combinations such as baked okra and potato hash - you get our drift.


The three-ingredient drink is set to gain even more popularity this year and we’re set to take minimalism a step further… We like nothing better than a cracking spirit served neat or on the rocks and we predict (well, we know) that our list of craft spirits from micro distilleries is set to grow - which means those drinks orders should get much simpler if it’s your round.


While kale was heroed as the super food of 2014 we’ve got money on the humble beetroot stealing the spotlight in 2015.  The beet is just sweet roasted and a great bed fellow for grains du jour - quinoa, and new kids on the block, freekah and millet. 


Provenance and seasonal eating will continue to grow in importance and popularity while people search for more ways to infuse their diet with nutrition. We’ll be packing our dishes and smoothies with the freshest vegetables on the block from our very own veggie patch and herb garden.


Street food will continue its foodie offensive apace in 2015 and our guess is there will be a move towards more imaginative and inspired presentation with a focus on quality ingredients.


South American influences will be a plenty with the reinvention of the humble taco - we’re talking mouth watering tender tacos filled with luscious fillings here. Watch this space for a cracking Pazole (half chili, half soup) with heaps of fresh raw veggies piled on top too.



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