Saturday, 29 December 2012

Cook Vegetarian Magazine Article

It was a great privilege recently to be offered the opportunity to write for 'Cook Vegetarian' magazine. 

My article about food trends, in particular street food, has been included in their February 2013 edition which is on sale at newsagents now.

As a sneak preview, here is an image of the article, but by purchasing the magazine, you will be able to read it in full as well as getting some fab veggie tips and a wealth of delicious veggie recipes!

Happy Reading everyone!

Cook Vegetarian Magazine

Launched to cater not just for vegetarians and vegans but also for meat-reducers, vegetable lovers and anyone who is interested in new ways to prepare tasty and tempting food, it's a monthly dose of meat-free inspiration.  A regular supply of fabulous vegetarian dishes and exciting meal suggestions, plus news and reviews of the latest and best veggie ingredients and products around, it's packed with easy vegetarian recipes.

Beating the veggie stereotypes, it offers suggestions for completely healthy recipes to the ultimate in indulgence, including delicious meal ideas from celebrity chefs and nutritionists.  Perfect for offering culinary ideas for picnics, dinner parties, feeding the family and how to cook for those who are vegetarian with additional dietary requirements.

Visit, for more information about the magazine including details about how to subscribe.


Monday, 24 December 2012

View & Vote for My Blog on Other Sites

As well as being able to view my blog online, via Facebook or Twitter, you can now find Word In Veg Ways via these sites too:

View my blog via the Vegetarian Society's website:

Word In Veg Ways is now featured on Dorset Cereals' website where you can vote for my site to win their Little Blog Award.  Just search under category:  Food & Drink and then 'Word In Veg Ways' and press Vote!  All votes are very much appreciated!

Happy reading everyone!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Persimmon (Sharon Fruit) - A Taste of Winter

Like faithful friends, apples, pears, bananas et al appear on the shelves, always there, all year round. However, I always like it when certain things pop into season offering that small window of opportunity to buy, try and eat.

Such an opportunity this time of year comes in the form of the Persimmon (a variant of Sharon Fruit, named so after the region in Israel where it’s grown). Visually, it looks like an orange coloured apple and when cut, it exposes its seedless, coreless interior which bears a strikingly remarkable resemblance to that of mango flesh both in appearance and taste.

You can eat it with or without its skin and although it can be eaten when hard, left for a day or so to ripen, it develops a more intense sweet taste which arguably is a more palatable way of eating it.

As with all fruits, persimmons can be used or eaten in a variety of ways - in fruit salads, smoothies or as I enjoy them, chopped into pieces over muesli.

Other winter fruits such as cranberries, dates and pomegranates will always have a loyal fan base and so it's time to showcase persimmons. And with one persimmon counting as one of your '5 a day', there's no better time to try them!

For persimmon recipes, see this link: