Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Gluten Free Veggie Crisps

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

I find it’s a dangerous game opening a bag of sharing crisps.  Because they go.  Open the bag, fail to stop at having ‘one or two’ and before you know it, they’ve gone.  The larger the bag, the larger the temptation – for me anyway.

But it seems I’m not alone.  New in the sharing crisp category are Seabrook’s premium Lattice range and as I found, having them makes you fall into the trap as above – they are somewhat addictively moreish.  Offering a bag to friends, they commented how easy they were to polish off and did so within a car journey.   I watched my mother who insisted that a couple of crisps would be enough for her to try, to then see her dismay when the packet was empty.  This is what I mean by a dangerous game – it’s hard to stop.

But unlike my mother and I, for those with a tad more willpower, the packet comes with a peel & seal facility on the front, it can be closed off quite easily if you only (really, literally) just want a handful of crisps.

The lattice shape gives it texture and each crisp is quite thick which gives them substance and flavours in the range include Natural Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Black Pepper and Cheese & Onion, all of which are enjoyable.

Additional benefits is that they boast natural ingredients, are vegetarian friendly and are also gluten free, thus giving those that are observing a GF dietary lifestyle a chance to have a snack which suits them and yet doesn’t compromise on taste.

With #GlutenFreevolution Week in-situ (8 May – 14 May) and ahead of British Sandwich Week (14 May – 20 May), (and who doesn’t like a sandwich with crisps?), Seabrook’s Lattice Range are worth a try and also, they are really good for the Saturday night ‘beer munchies’ – for which I can vouch.


Disclosure:  This review was conducted following receipt of complementary samples of Seabrook Lattice Gluten Free crisps.  The review was conducted honestly without bias. For further information about reviews, please see the Disclosure tab on this website.

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