Monday, 15 May 2017

Bardolino Birmingham

Yesterday, I had a very nice little lunch with two of my closest friends at Bardolino’s in Birmingham.  Based in The Cube by The Mailbox, it is part of Marco Pierre White’s chain and is more informal than some of his other offerings.  In fact it’s used by the guests of The Cube’s spa facility so there were plenty of people in white robes dotted around, so don’t worry about feeling under-dressed.

We went there for lunch, rather tempted by the £6.95 offer which includes a pizza or a dish from the Al Forno section of the menu and a soft drink.  In addition, jugs of chilled water were brought out as standard which I was pleased to see.

Opting for a Wild Mushroom Lasagne myself, it came with a good amount of wild mushrooms and they had that nice ‘chewy’ texture you get from them as opposed to that from standard field mushrooms, so a rustic twist on a classic.  My friends both had the Salmon Cannelloni which they said was also good.

We ordered a side dish each, however these came late and without asking, our waitress took them off our bill as an apology, which was fair of her.

In fact, Laura (our waitress) was really attentive and delivered a high level of customer service which we appreciated.  Customer service is just as important as the food itself and either factor can make or break your dining experience.

Sorry, but no photos as we were too busy gossiping, but to put you in the picture:  the restaurant has a clean, airy feel about it, lots of white tiles, mosaic slates on the floor, views of the canal, framed Italian kitsch posters and of course obligatory photos of Mr White himself as is standard across all of his venues. 

The lunch offer was extremely good value, so definitely worth popping in for that and again, another round of applause for the customer service we received.  People often talk about the bad service they have and not so much about the good service, so I’m bucking the trend here.  All in all, good to see a chain restaurant that offers the personal touch.


**We paid for our food and I did not disclose that I was a food blogger**

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