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Supercharge Breakfast with Manuka Honey

My BFF Sonia is endeared with the fact I have a 'weekend' breakfast cereal.  Whilst Monday-Friday is a quick, easy, practically put together affair, at the weekends, I like to put something together that's a bit more of a showpiece that I can enjoy leisurely and in peace.

When Holland& Barrett asked me to take part in their Supercharge campaign, I knew it would fit into my daily/weekly schedule and equally into my weekend cereal routine very well.

Supercharge promotes enhancing your daily routine by making small and easy changes to the things you do every day with the use of Holland & Barrett products.  Adding items such as Manuka Honey or Spirulina into your meals can prove that the little things can make a big difference nutritionally.  


Taking the example of using Manuka honey in porridge, I made my porridge firstly by using low fat Greek yoghurt with a smattering of Manuka honey and then I left it overnight in the fridge to absorb fully.

Next morning, I added summer fruits to the centre and circled the edge of the bowl with quartered baby fresh figs.  I then dotted the figs with a little more Manuka honey to bring extra sweetness to the fruit.

My porridge ensemble left me feeling full, boosted by the thick consistency of the yoghurt, the textured fruit and the sweetness of the Manuka honey. 

Manuka honey has a more solid form and an authentic sweetness rather than some of the more economical honey available.

So why Manuka honey and not standard honey?  Elizabeth Wall, nutritionist at Holland & Barrett explains that it is a natural alternative to sugar.   Manuka honey is made by bees gathering nectar from the Manuka bush, found in parts of New Zealand.  Manuka honey contains different active constituents which have been shown to have anti-bacterial effects. It is also widely thought to have immune system boosting effects, anti-viral effects, anti-fungal effects has been linked to promoting digestive health.   Manuka honey is a natural alternative to refined sugar that makes a tasty addition to tea, toast, cakes and bakes and even adds a natural sweetness to snacks, sides and smoothies.  And for a healthy breakfast option and natural sweetness, Manuka honey on porridge is a superb pairing.

My Manuka Honey Porridge recipe can be scaled back to its basic form of porridge/yoghurt/Manuka honey for busy weekdays and dressed up with fringes of fruit for elongated weekend mornings.

Manuka Honey Porridge

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

50g Porridge Oats
2 tbls Summer Fruits
2 tbls Greek Yoghurt
2-3 Baby Fresh Figs
1-2 tsps Manuka Honey


*  Place the porridge oats in a bowl and swirl in the Greek yoghurt and half of the Manuka Honey.

*  Cover the bowl and leave it overnight in the fridge to absorb.

*  Next morning, uncover the porridge, add the summer fruits to the centre.

*  Cut the figs into quarters and place around the edge.

*  Drizzle a little more Manuka Honey around the fruit.

*  Ready to eat!




Information:  For more information about Manuka honey and the Supercharge campaign, visit Holland & Barrett’s website.  #superchargeit



Disclosure:  This review was conducted following receipt of a complementary sample of Manuka Honey from Holland & Barrett.  The review was conducted honestly without bias. For further information about reviews, please see the Disclosure tab on this website.


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