Monday, 5 December 2016

Mr Crumb Stuffing

I don’t always make stuffing when putting together a Sunday Roast Lunch, but when I do, it is usually a cheap & cheerful packet mix that I can make up in minutes (sorry to all food purists, it is very uncouth of me I know…..)

I’ve never really thought about ‘luxury’ stuffing until I was alerted to Mr Crumb.  Mr Crumb is an Irish company that state that their methods replicate those from grandma’s kitchen (made in small batches, made by hand).  The onions are sautéed in Irish butter, before being mixed with fresh breadcrumbs from a local bakery, herbs, spices and other ingredients.   (Suitable for vegetarians).

It’s a chilled product, it comes in a tray which can be oven baked or microwaved and the contents of which can be formed into balls if you wish.

Available in two flavours, I had the Apple & Apricot version and I gave my mother the Sage & Onion one to try for herself.
Photo:  c/o Mr Crumb
She oven baked hers and said it was extremely tasty, nice, soft and not grainy like standard stuffing and was packed with flavour plus it wasn’t too ‘heavy’.

Photo:  c/o Mr Crumb

I too oven baked my pack, with similar commentary – so much nicer than packet mix stuffing, a much more rustic flavour with good chunky pieces of apple and apricot which makes a difference visually and taste wise.  My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) also remarked this was the best stuffing he has had in a very long time and asked should we have this for Christmas Day?

In answer to MCH’s question, I believe yes.  As Christmas is the Grand Prix of Sunday lunches (I’m paraphrasing DJ Johnny Vaughan there), a little more quality and convenience is much deserved.  I like the idea that I can just pop it into the oven all ready to go as there will be 101 other things to sort out on Christmas morning.

All in all, a jolly nice stuffing for Christmas.  Or any time of year for that matter if you want to spend the extra pennies.


Notes:  Mr Crumb stuffing range is available in selected ASDA and Sainsbury’s branches in the fresh chiller cabinet section.  The stuffing is available in 225g trays, has an RRP of £1.50 - £2.00.

Disclosure:  This review was conducted following receipt of a complementary samples from Mr Crumb.  The review was conducted honestly without bias. For further information about reviews, please see the Disclosure tab on this website.





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