Friday, 4 November 2016

Review: Baxters Deli Toppers

Instead of ketchup or hummus, sometimes it is nice to have something different to top your food with, something that will add a different dimension.

Baxters have brought out a new range of jarred condiments called ‘Deli Toppers’ inspired by the flavours found at internationally eclectic street food events which are now organised in most towns across the UK.

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The bold flavours they come in are:  Red Slaw, Spicy Slaw, Red Onion and Jalapenos.  As the name (and flavours) suggest, the range promises to offer a little ‘pow’ boost to your meal or snack. 

I trialled the Red Slaw one and it had a good balance between a hint of sweetness with the tang of sour vinegar.  I’ve included a spoonful in my salad box and on a jacket potato (both work well).  

Red Slaw on a Sandwich
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

My favourite way was via an open sandwich I made using a slice of toast, slice of gherkin, vegetarian sausages then Red Slaw on top.  The pickled goodness from both the Red Slaw and gherkin slice really pepped up (or pow-ed up) my sandwich, adding texture, flavour and colour.

With Bonfire Night this weekend, if you’re planning a bbq or just some quick & easy (veggie) burger/sausage sandwich rolls to accompany your fireworks, then a jar of Red Slaw on the side (or one of the other Deli Toppers if your taste buds are strong enough), will give you something new to experiment with and something new to reach for in your pantry going forward.


Note:  For more information about Baxter Deli Toppers plus further recipe ideas, visit their site.


Disclosure:  This review was conducted following receipt of a complementary sample of Baxters Deli Toppers.  The review was conducted honestly without bias.  For further information about reviews, please see the Disclosure tab on this website.

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