Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Review: Allergen Free Bread & Cakes

I probably take bread and its inner fluffy pillowness and crusty exterior for granted, based on the fact I could eat it by the barrow load and not have any side effects.   

Sadly for some, just a slither of bread can set off a whole catalogue of allergies spiralling into varying levels of general unwellness.

Having had first-hand experience of this are the owners of The Incredible Bakery Company who made it their mission to create a range of bread products that would suit their family members who have allergies.

Their award winning range of breads and pastries are:  free from gluten, dairy, eggs and soya and don’t possess any of the top 14 common food allergen types.

Although as I say, I’m fortunate not to have to worry about allergens, but I too have family members that have to be mindful of certain things they eat so I was keen to sample some allergen free bread to put myself in their shoes and to see what they thought of the range too.

The Incredible Bakery Company sent me a mixture of different bread types including paninis, with flavours that are very en vogue right now such as buckwheat, oat and red quinoa.
Oat Loaf

They don’t look any different to freshly baked loaves that you would buy from an artisan bakery although when you cut into them, they do have a slightly richer colour (compared to white bread). 

Taste-wise (sharing it around my family), we felt it definitely differed from ‘normal’ bread, perhaps a little drier, but nevertheless all in all pleasant enough and enhanced when coupled with a spread or topping.  Mum commented she didn't feel as bloated after eating it which is a positive.

I probably wouldn’t buy the range for myself as I can eat traditional bread comfortably, but I would buy it for any family or friends that I had visiting that would benefit from allergen-free goods.  
Ginger & Date Buns
They are a good, realistic bread alternative and definitely offer a life-line to those who want to have their cake and eat it…..
Disclosure:    This post has been written following receipt of samples from The Incredible Bakery Company.  This review was conducted honestly without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website.  





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