Monday, 16 May 2016

Epicurean Mementos Interview - Katy Beskow - Little Miss Meat Free

In this very special edition of Epicurean Mementos to mark National Vegetarian Week, I’ve invited Katy Beskow aka Little Miss Meat Free, to share her culinary keepsakes and favourite things, offering us a little glimpse of her life in the kitchen.

Katy Beskow
Photo:  c/o K Beskow

Katy is an award-winning food writer, cookery tutor and recipe developer with a passion for local produce and great vegan food. Katy also writes for Huffington Post UK and Holland & Barrett’s Healthy magazine, alongside posting recipes at the popular website

Photo:  c/o K.Beskow

In addition, she teaches a range of classes at Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School and York Cookery School and demonstrates modern vegan cooking at food festivals throughout the UK.

Talking of which, Katy will be demoing at the Foodies Festival in Birmingham over the weekend of 3-5 June, details of which can be found here.

I hope you all enjoy the interview and of course enjoy the rest of National Vegetarian Week.


Photo:  c/o K.Beskow

Flint and Flame Knives
I love these Flint and Flame knives - not only do they look beautiful but they’re weighty and easy to use. Every kitchen should have a few good knives as it makes chopping and preparation so much easier. Buy the best you can afford and look after them well by always chopping on a semi-pliable wooden chopping board.

Photo:  c/o K.Beskow

Kilner Jars
My kitchen is full of Kilner jars, both empty and full. They make great storage containers for pulses and rice and also for transporting snacks and lunches. I even use them as vases to brighten up my dinner table.

Photo:  c/o K.Beskow

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World - Isa Chandra
Surprisingly, I own very few vegan cookbooks as I prefer the challenge of veganising recipes from any recipe books, not specifically vegan. This is my go-to cupcake book, with every recipe being tried and very much tested. You’ll find that most of the pages are stuck together with cake batter, which is, in my opinion, the sign of a good recipe book!

Notebook and Pen
I can’t live without my notebook and pen in the kitchen - perfect for listing ingredients for new recipes I’m testing and creating new ideas from kitchen disasters…..

Photo: c/o K.Beskow
Maldon Sea Salt
“Food without salt is like seeing in black and white”.   I love to season my dishes with Maldon’s crisp and crunchy sea salt flakes.  It gives bursts of flavour and a clean, subtle taste. I love it so much, I even keep a mini tin in my handbag!


My thanks to Katy Beskow for taking part in the interview.

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