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Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich

The recent Easter Bank Holiday weekend was perfect for having the time to try out new things.  One such thing was a Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich which I’ve been keen to do for a while and along with having some Jarlsberg cheese that I’d been given to trial, I thought I’d pair the two together.
Photo:  c/o Jarlsberg
Now, a typical Reuben is a beast of a sandwich and is packed with lots of Eastern European tasty penchants that I enjoy and ideal for those times when you need something hearty for a packed few hours ahead.

Reading your mind, I preempt the question - “What’s a Reuben?”  

Well, the Reuben is a sandwich that was designed in the 1920’s/30’s in America.  With a number of people claiming its invention, including the owner of Reuben’s Delicatessen in New York, no definitive answer has been stated as to who made it first.  But nevertheless, the sandwich’s popularity soon spread across America, in particular becoming a staple menu item in many a New York/Jewish deli.
Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich - Opened
c/o WordInVegWays
The sandwich typically contains:  steak, sauerkraut, gherkins, Swiss cheese and a Russian dressing on rye bread.  My veggie version swaps the steak for a Quorn branded meat-free Beef Steak, a slither of ketchup and horseradish instead of the Russian dressing and Jarlsberg cheese instead of Swiss cheese.

Slices of Jarlsberg
Photo: WordInVegWays

Jarlsberg cheese, produced in Norway, has quite a distinct yet pleasant flavour.  As it is sold pre- sliced, its convenience for the assembly of the Reuben sandwich and for general snacking is spot-on.  My Carnivourous Husband (MCH) found himself enjoying it so much as a snack with celery, that he nearly ate a whole pack in one sitting!  (Not recommended by the way….)

But here’s the recipe for my Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich which includes Jarlsberg cheese and I hope you enjoy making it as much as we did eating it!

Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich
c/o WordInVegWays

Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich

Serves 2

2 Quorn Chef’s Selection Meat-Free Beef Steaks*
4 Slices of Rye Bread
2 slices of Jarlsberg Cheese
2 tablespoons of Sauerkraut (from a jar)
4 slices of Pickled Gherkin (from a jar)
Slither of Tomato Ketchup & Horseradish Sauce
Oil for frying

*Meat beef steaks can be used instead if you are of carnivorous persuasion.

  • Cook the meat-free beef steaks as per packet instructions.
  • Heat a splash of oil in a griddle frying pan and place the bread slices in the pan so that they gain griddle marks – taking care not to burn them. 
  • Griddle them for a minute or so on both sides.
  • Take the bread out of the pan and place on a plate once done.
  • Place the sauerkraut in the frying pan for 30 seconds or so, turning it occasionally, so that any excess water can be evaporated and then turn the heat off.
  • When the meat-free beef steaks are ready, place a slither of tomato ketchup and horseradish on top of each steak.
  • Put a Jarlsberg cheese slice on top of each steak and place under a hot grill so that they melt very slightly (a few seconds only) and then remove them.
  • Put a meat-free beef steak with Jarlsberg cheese on top of 2 of the slices of rye bread.
  • Then add half of the sauerkraut, plus 2 gherkin slices on top of each sandwich and then the final slice of bread.
  • Cut in half and enjoy with gusto!


Disclosure:    This post has been written following receipt of complementary samples of Jarlsberg Cheese.  This review was conducted honestly without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website.








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