Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 Minute Cocktail With Professor Green

So, I walked into a room, got handed a microphone and was beckoned to join in whilst the rest of the people present were singing Bohemian Rhapsody  being led by none other than rapper/musician Professor Green.  Let me tell you, this is not how my Thursday nights usually roll.

I was amongst those enjoying the VIP launch of Karaoke Box in Birmingham, located in Regency Wharf off Broad Street.
Décor In One of the Themed Rooms 

Already a phenomenon in London, inspired by venues in the Far East, the concept offers 11 pre-bookable private karaoke booths ranging in size for 2 people through to accommodating bigger groups ideal  for birthdays, stag/hen parties or corporate team building events.  Each of the rooms are themed for a bit more glamour– my personal favourite being the room designed like a London tube station. With over 15,000 songs to choose from (and for ease you can pre-select your songs before you arrive), plus bar service available to the room, the set-up has the all the hallmarks for a fun evening out. 
London Tube Station Themed Room

I settled into the seat next to Pro Green (as he affectionately called), and as the changeover from Bohemian Rhapsody to something new took place,  I seized this opportunity to have a 5 minute chat over a cocktail with him and get to know a little more about his foodie preferences and his penchant towards karaoke.
Décor In One of the Themed Rooms

Widely documented that he is a vegetarian, we instantly got talking about all things veggie, comparing notes as we went along.  Chatting about the topic in general, he hinted that he felt people are consuming too much meat these days and listening to him speak, I sensed that it was not a faddy lifestyle choice for him but something he feels very passionate about and his desire to adhere to and continue to explore vegetarianism was very clear. 
Pro Green's Tunes Ready to Go!

Exchanging random facts, Pro Green carried on with telling me that he loves eggs, but hates cheese – I told him I was quite the opposite.  Asking if wife Millie (Mackintosh – model, fashionista and former E4 Made In Chelsea star) is veggie too, he said no, but described how they love cooking together at home, staying in, having a meal and how much he enjoys the ritual of that.

One of the Largest Themed Rooms
Swapping tips on places to eat in his home city of London, he brought out his phone to show me Cook Daily in Shoreditch which he recommended and its one for me to add to my list of places to go and visit when next in the capital.  (London certainly does have some great veggie/vegan places popping up right now I have to say).

Entrance to Room 5

Conversation naturally turned to karaoke, asking him if he had an ultimate favourite song to sing, he said he didn’t have one particular one but expressed that he enjoys the karaoke experience as a whole, especially going to somewhere like Karaoke Box where you can get together with friends and use it as a way of hanging out and having fun.  Asking if he and Millie ever do duets he smiled and said no.  Explaining that Millie isn’t as fond of singing as he is, he did say although (whilst beaming with a proud, smitten smile), “when she does sing she sounds so cute, I love that".
VIP Drinks

The Zutons/Amy Winehouse classic ‘Valerie’ came on to be sung and with an army of eager fans trying to get their 5 minutes with the Pro, I felt it was time to depart. 

It was great to meet him, sing with him (that’ll be my claim to fame for a long time to come) and it was a pleasure to get to know the man beyond the music: a man who loves his veggie food, karaoke and his wife.
Pro Green & I


Notes:  For further information about Karaoke Box Birmingham, please visit here


Disclosure:  I was invited to the VIP launch event by Karaoke Box Birmingham and Dine Birmingham.  I was not required to write a post and/or make positive commentary.



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