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Postcards From America - Nobu at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Postcards From America

My second little postcard piece in my Postcards from America series this month focuses on my visit to Nobu in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways
I revel in a little showbiz glamour and love the opportunity to experience whatever is uber-trendy and since it opened in the late ‘90’s, Nobu fits the bill well in both realms.

Whilst the Nobu restaurants in London are accessible from home, a visit to one in Las Vegas just sprinkled a little golden glitter over what was already a spectacularly planned itinerary for LV.

With tickets for Matt Goss’s show at Caesar’s Palace already sourced, a visit to Nobu beforehand I felt would start the evening off wonderfully. 

(Matt Goss: aka leader singer from ‘80’s boyband Bros:  incidentally is amazing with a residency in LV and is somewhat of a modern day Sinatra with nods to the heyday of the Rat Pack era – so a well-deserved quick plug for him on here as we absolutely loved his show – check him out)!

So what is all the fuss about Nobu I hear you ask?  Well, in essence, in my opinion, it is stunning.   Assessing the package:  you have beautiful contemporary interiors, a sublime menu and immaculate customer service all of which ticks my boxes of contributing towards a memorable foodie experience.
Nobu at Caesars Palace
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

Nobu offers a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.  Poles apart, but an interesting mix nevertheless.  

Its pedigree is such that it has had Michelin star status and its was the first European venture of celebrated Japanese sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa in collaboration with Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, restaurateur Drew Nieporent, and hotel owner Christina Ong.   Its reputation snowballed and it became the must-visit hangout for the rich & famous celebrity glitterati. 

Back to the food.  We veered down Nobu’s Japanese leaning and when thinking of traditional Japanese food (sushi and the like), they are of course fish based but it turned out not to be a concern for me as a vegetarian.  The attentive waiting staff went through all the veggie options with me (of which there were plenty including veg sushi) and so therefore, I found quite a lot I could have. 

Also, we were mindful of being punctual as instructed on our Matt Goss tickets so they were helpful in ensuring we were served promptly but equally without rushing our session.

My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) decided to eat veggie style with me that night and so we shared Vegetable Sushi, Artichoke Salad and Kelp Salad.

Veggie Sushi
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

The sushi was expertly wrapped with a nice balance of rice and small vegetables within and dipping sauces were provided.  The Artichoke Salad was finely shredded, beautifully presented and it was an unusual way of having artichoke.  The Kelp Salad was a mixture of different types of fresh seaweed which was really filling and gloriously chewy.  Kelp of course possesses a lot of different vitamins and minerals so I thought it an opportune moment to have it as a bit of a superfood boost for myself to balance out those Vegas excesses I was having.

Nobu in short:  excellent food, plenty of vegetarian options, beautiful surroundings and impeccable customer service/attention.

Interior at Nobu
Photo:  Word In Veg Ways

This is definitely one the best places to dine at in Las Vegas (especially as a vegetarian) and well worth a visit. 

With restaurants in a number of cities/countries worldwide, it’s worth finding out if there is one near to you to experience. 

And keep your fingers crossed that Robert De Niro may just stop by the same time as you – now wouldn’t that be something to talk about………






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