Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Postcards From America - Food in Las Vegas

Postcards From America

So here I am, getting my head out of the clouds, fiercely trying to get myself out of holiday mode and back into normality. 

Having just returned from America, whilst there, I explored what it was like to be a veggie on the other side of the Atlantic.   And now I’m back in the UK, I have been reflecting on my foodie experiences out there.

As part of my reflection, I thought I’d put together some ‘postcard’ style blogposts to share my findings with everyone.

Photo:  Word In Veg Ways


My first little postcard features my overall discoveries whilst in Las Vegas. 

Although a number of cuisine types were available out there, the lion share was taken up by steak and burger outlets or hotel bars providing just that with a token vegetarian offering which seemed to be there in a capacity as a goodwill gesture rather than it standing side by side as an equal on the menu board.

Travelling with My Carnivorous Husband (MCH), all those steak places suited him down to the ground, but with regards to me I felt a little left out.   

But seeking the positive, what I do have to say is that when I told a restaurant server team about being vegetarian, they then really went out of their way to try and find something for me to eat or they would make suggestions of things that could be made to order that weren’t featured on the menu.  So my negative feelings thawed out and my meal experiences were all the more enjoyable rather than just having to ‘make do’ or pairing up a side salad with fries in an attempt to build up a main course.

However, in the hotel buffet restaurants, I did find that many indicated their veggie friendly food with a ‘V’ which was appreciated, but I felt a little more thought around certain offerings to incorporate vegetarians would’ve made things even better – eg: 2 pizzas on the hot plate, both meat – by making one veggie would’ve meant availability for all surely?  Some tweaks needed me thinks.

But nevertheless, I did enjoy eating my way round the Strip in between seeing shows, meandering in & out of huge hotels and ticking off all the usual other tourist stuff.   More postcards to come about that.


Have you ever been to Las Vegas? 
If so, how did you find the food, especially as a vegetarian?




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