Monday, 20 July 2015

Lunch at Cherry Red's

There is a lot of love on the Birmingham food scene for Cherry Reds, for both their original Kings Heath site and their café on John Bright Street in the city centre.

Needing a pitstop on a recent visit to Birmingham, I decided to sample Cherry Reds for myself.

Walking in, was like walking into a kitsch emporium (but in a good way).  1960’s drinks cabinets played the function of a centralised ‘condiments table’ where you collect your cutlery and sauces from and the sugar bowls on each table featured 1970’s-esque orange floral patterns (and reminded me of my parents’ friends’ houses when I used to visit them back in the day)!  But they are the genuine articles and not the mock-vintage goods that you get these days.   Board games from yesteryear are available if you fancy a quick round of Kerplunk or Operation whilst you’re waiting for your order to come through.   I found it all very comforting, but then again, I am extremely nostalgic.

Real ales form part of the bar selection, something which in My Carnivourous Husband’s  (MCH) viewpoint is a big plus.
Jenny the owner happened to be onsite that day and it was good to meet her and hear about how Cherry Reds began and her visions for the café.

We ordered from the menu, both going for a sandwich option.  I had the Grilled Halloumi Cheese & Chunky Roast Vegetables and I paid an extra 50p to have a roll instead of bread (total:  £4.50).  MCH decided to re-ignite the spirit of his youth and have a Fish Finger & Tartare Sauce sandwich (£4.00).  Both came with a little salad garnish.  

My roll was a nice balance of salty halloumi and the vegetables were soft and tasty - an excellent filling combo, although the roll itself was a little smaller than I thought it would be.  MCH said his sandwich was pleasant and he enjoyed it but he would have liked to have something else on the sandwich to go alongside the fish fingers just to give it a little variation.  As a suggestion, a side order of fries or crisps would have been welcomed to pad out the offering and I would’ve been willing to pay a little extra for it to make it a fuller lunch.  But focusing on the sandwiches themselves, they were enjoyable, freshly made and were ideal for our scenario of needing a quick bite to eat.

However, I have to say that the veggie burgers I saw being brought out looked fabulous and note-to-self to try one of one of those another time.

Cherry Reds is definitely one of those place that has you feeling sentimental about the past (certainly for those that can remember the 70’s/80’s) and with lots of veggie options dotted throughout the menu it is a great place to meet, have some food and perhaps a game of Yahtzee to while away the afternoon…..


Note:  We paid in full for all our food and drinks.








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