Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Oat & Banana Smoothie

Following on from my Oat Crunch Ice Cream recipe using Flahavan’s Porridge Oats, for my next recipe, I decided to use them in a smoothie drink.

To make the oats compatible for a smoothie, I created a porridge mixture in the microwave.  Now, whilst I’m not keen on porridge as a standalone breakfast cereal,  using it in a smoothie is fine as it is combined with so many other ingredients.

In addition to the porridge mixture I used bananas, milk and Greek yoghurt for protein plus some coconut shavings for flavour.
Flahavan Oats & Flavourings

Popping in some chia seeds, I felt would give the smoothie a nutrious boost.  Chia seeds have begun to gain a reputation as being  a new super-food.  Packed with omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants and minerals, it is easy to see why its popularity is wide-spread.    A little turmeric and mixed spice also went in to pep it up.  Turmeric is such a versatile spice, with many documented benefits such warding off dementia, cancer, inflammation and more commonly flu and colds. 

Making a jug of it for my work colleagues, it was very well received.  Making it with porridge oats does make it a thicker consistency and more grainy/bitty, but we all agreed that isn’t a bad thing as it added a bit of texture to it.

Having it in lieu of my mid-morning piece of fruit, it was a great way to incorporate a number of good nutrients and with porridge oats being a low-GI food item, it meant I wasn’t craving anything until lunchtime!  Definitely one to have again when the elevensies urge kicks-in!

What would you put in your smoothie?


Oat & Banana Smoothie

2 ripe Bananas (chopped)
2 tablespoons Greek & Honey Yoghurt 
1 tsp Chia Seeds
1 tsp Coconut Shavings
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Mixed Spice Powder
140ml of milk
40g Flahavan’s Porridge Oats +70ml of milk (to make the porridge mixture)

  • Mix the Flahavan’s Porridge Oats and milk together and heat in a microwave for 2 minutes so that it becomes a porridge consistency.
  • In a large jug place the bananas, Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, coconut shavings, turmeric, mixed spice and milk.

  • Add in the porridge mixture to the jug.

  • Using a blender stick, blend until a smooth consistency is achieved and it is ready to drink! 

  • If you feel you need some sweetness, then add a little honey or if you want a runnier consistency, then add more milk and/or yoghurt.


           This post has been written following receipt of a #PerfectPorridge Breakfast Kit from Flahavan's Oats.    This is one of three posts.  This review was conducted honestly  without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website. 

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