Sunday, 15 June 2014

Provamel - Alternative Milk Drinks

I’m not a ‘milky’ person really  - might have mentioned that before.  Other than in tea and the odd cappuccino, I don’t really drink it.  Just a personal taste thing rather than for any other reason.  So, I always look for ways or products that will help me to embrace all things milk.

The team at Provamel might just have found a fair compromise for me.  Although an established brand already within the plant-based foods sector, they have recently adopted a new look with additions to their product range.

So why use Provamel over conventional cow's milk?  The products are dairy-free so it makes a perfect option for those that may be vegan or lactose intolerant as it promotes itself as a healthy alternative as it is a 100% organic and contains plant-based ingredients.

I was sent two carton samples to try - Oat Milk and Rice Almond.  As mentioned above, not being of the milk persuasion, I asked my family to be part of my testing panel.  So we started with the Oat flavour, which now contains more oats and fibre than previously.  All came back saying that it was delicious, certainly a noticeable difference to cow's milk, but in a good way.  Even trying it myself, I have to say I enjoyed it far more than cow's milk, although I could only sample a small glass due to my preference levels.

The Rice Almond milk, made with organic Italian rice, almonds and blended with spring water and a splash of agave syrup, when tested was a lot sweeter than the Oat Milk with a slight hint of nut (from the almond), although others enjoyed drinking it cold,  I found it was a little too sweet when used with tea or coffee. 

Smoothie drinks I do enjoy.  The combination of fruit with milk makes it far more palatable for me.  So, I made a batch of banana smoothies with both sets of milk.  Enjoying a good few glasses myself, I also made samples using both milk flavours for my work colleagues which in turn went down very well and they all couldn't believe it wasn't cow's milk and were all keen to know more about the brand.

Banana Smoothie

Available in health food stores (including Holland & Barrett), Provamel has a range of products, not just milk but also yoghurts, desserts and custards.  For more details on the range and for recipes, visit  I for one, will definitely be making more smoothies going forward, but I will keep them to myself - I won't be as keen to share this time!


DisclosureThis post was written following kind receipt of Provamel products.  This review was conducted honestly without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website. 


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