Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dried Green Beans with Walnuts

Avid readers will note that this year has been my baptism into the world of tibits, whose sister outlet, Hiltl, is recorded as the world’s old vegetarian restaurant.  Further to dining at their London outlet in the summer and joyously working my way through their recipe book, I wanted to replicate one of their signature dishes for myself.

The dish in question is their Dried Bean Salad with Walnuts.  Having tried it (and gone up for seconds) at their London restaurant, this was something I wanted more often than just having it whenever I was in the big smoke.  So, when speaking to Lidija, the Manager on duty when I visited tibits, she explained that the dried green beans are brought over from Switzerland and in the main can’t be purchased over here.  However, bags of dried green beans could be purchased from tibits directly with accompanying recipe postcards. Acknowledging my enthusiasm, Lidija gave me a bag and suggested I give it a go at home and see how it works.

Dried Green Beans in the Pan - Ready for Cooking

I was pleased to see that I didn’t have to re-hydrate the beans overnight as you have to with some pulses, although soaking them for a couple of hours prior will make them a little less 'wrinkly' post-cooking.  Otherwise, it was a case of boiling them in water until tender, cooling them, then adding the other ingredients which include coriander and walnuts.  

Onions & Walnuts Ready for the Salad

Although the recipe states using certain oils or vinegars, you can experiment with other ingredients and make substitutions as required, but note by doing this, you will alter the original recipe and taste.  I enjoyed serving the beans hot as a side dish for my main course but you can, as the dish is intended, to eat it as a tepid or cold salad.  In addition, the recipe is rich in vitamins and as such is promoted on their menus as having 'concentration booster' benefits.

The beans once cooked, tasted a lot sweeter and almost chewier than standard green beans but this for me I found a tastier and a more interesting spin on your average green bean ensemble.   

Dried Green Beans - Ready for Eating

This is a definite recommendation to try this for yourselves with additional praise from my carnivorous husband, who doesn’t always gravitate towards his ‘greens’  who has asked - “when can we have this again?”
As mentioned above, the beans are only available from tibits, so to obtain a pack, contact them directly.  The recipe is available on cards from their restaurant or can be found in their tibits at home recipe book (or see images below).

For me, dried green beans have created  the perfect excuse to nip back to tibits in London where I will treat myself to another pack and/or have lunch there again.  And what would I have?  Well it would have to be a whole of plate of Dried Green Beans with Walnuts all to myself.  That would suit me just fine…….
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Sponsored Post:  This post was written following receipt of a pack of dried green beans from tibits Restaurant London.  This review was conducted with honesty, without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website. 

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