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Seasonal Availability Calendar (Vegetable Growing) & Seasonal Eating

With the increase of allergy sufferers, escalating environmental concerns and campaigns for supporting local enterprises, the media have been regularly documenting the advantages of seasonal eating to help manage these factors. 

Eating locally and seasonally has various benefits.  One of which is that it helps individuals to harmonise with their local environment, which has been suggested assists allergy suffers as it helps them to climatise with the local pollen/air/soil content.  This can help build immunity to the elements around them, potentially suppressing their allergy issues.  Also eating locally means having access to food that is at its peak in terms of freshness and mineral content which is extremely beneficial.  Plus, championing all things local supports the wider community/local economy as well as minimising pollution that is caused by importing food into the country. 

Seasonal eating isn't a new theory as historically everyone ate locally grown produce, observing the harvesting patterns as dictated by the seasons.  It has only been in recent times with the advent of worldwide transportation, that all foods have been available 365 days of the year and flown in from all corners of the world.

As the promotion of seasonal eating continues, education into its benefits is now more widely available.  One such aide memoir is the Seasonal Availability Calendar by Michael Littlewood

Seasonal Availability Calendar

In the style of a long vertical calendar, spiral bound with hanger, this is a great reference guide for the kitchen or indeed for the greenhouse/garden shed.

The calendar provides a 12 month plan for gardeners, food growers and cooks alike highlighting seasonal foods, growing times, harvesting periods and the importance of eating locally grown produce.

The Calendar starts with an introduction to each season, commencing with Spring, its characteristics and the months within.  Each month per season has a list of produce so that you are aware of what is available and when.

The page for Spring

The other interesting factor is that the Calendar promotes the benefits of eating as per what produce is in season and how this has a positive health impact.  Eating as per the seasonal cycles is said, amongst other benefits, to complement the body's natural balance.

Example of produce available
per each month

The calendar provides a timely reminder to all seasonal chefs and gardeners and a reference tool for novices who want to observe the seasonal movements and change to seasonal dieting.

With the months on the calendar having no days written against each date, its generic layout means it can be used year after year.

So whether you want it for your own kitchen wall or as a gift for a green fingered daddy for Father's Day, it's a great guide for everyone wanting to make the most of nature's seasonal harvest.


For more details about Michael Littlewood, 'Seasonal Availability Calendar' and his other publications, visit:

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