Thursday, 23 May 2013

Love Tea Ritual

I adore the ritual of tea making.  That is the full ritual of using tea leaves, tea pots and tea strainers.  However, modern life can get in the way and tea making often only results in a quick tea bag dip and a splash of milk.  Time and convenience being of the essence,  in my house it's often only tea bags that see the light of day and my tea pot sits redundant on the kitchen shelf and my poor strainer hidden from view in the drawer.

Himalayan Imperial Black Tea
So when I was kindly sent a pack of Himalayan Imperial Black tea by online tea merchants Love Tea, I took this as a sign to resurrect the tea making ritual in my house.

The last few weekends, Sundays in particular, have proven the opportune time to perform tea making and enjoy leisurely tea drinking whilst perusing the papers.

For instance, May Day Bank Holiday weekend this year saw a shift in the tea stakes and may be a combination of the extended weekend, it being my Ukrainian Easter celebration and the delight of good weather, led to making time for real tea.

Tea Bag Envelope
With the pack of tea, came a small envelope with little empty tea bags ready to fill with the tea leaves alongside a Love Tea information card.

Love Tea, Tea Bag

The card describes the excellence and organic certification of Jun Chiyabari, the boutique tea garden in Nepal's Hile region where the leaves are harvested from.  

Noted is that Jun Chiyabari creates new leaf styles and production methods which enhances the quality of the tea.

Instruction Card

The Himalayan Imperial Black tea leaves differ from ordinary branded loose tea as the leaves are straighter, longer, thicker and are flecked with golden streaks.

As per the instruction on the card, it suggests using 3g of leaves (which will produce 250ml of tea - ideal for one cup) plus hot water (ideally at 95°C) in a tea pot, allow to infuse for 2-3 minutes and then strain into a mug.

Tea leaves in the Tea Pot
Tasting it without any additions, it was deliciously clean, fresh and very palatable with a very evident taste of tea (as you would expect of course) yet not overbearing.  Referring to the notes on the information card and as a reference point for tea connoisseurs, the aroma produced is earthy and the red fruity acidity is released once infused which is counter-balanced by a rich cocoa-esque after-taste.  In a nutshell - thoroughly enjoyable.

Tea strained into a Mug

I then decided to have a second mug of tea but I made my own tea bag by placing the leaves into one of the bags provided which was easy to do and was a nice task to fulfill for a change. 

Creating a Tea Bag
Tea Bag in a Mug ready for Brewing

Lemon & Home-grown Mint 

Once brewed, this time I added a slice of lemon (black tea & lemon is very popular in Poland - my family over in Poland don't drink it any other way).  Plus I added some sprigs of mint from my herb garden, as mint is one of my favourite flavours and works well with lemon.  

Tea with Lemon & Mint

Again, very fresh with a fruity zest coming from the lemon, the tea tasted pure.  

Ukrainian Paska & Jam

Consumed during Ukrainian Easter weekend, it worked perfectly with a slice of paska & jam (a cake/bread which is traditionally eaten at Ukrainian Easter).

Love Tea provide a wide variety of packages in one, three and six month batches, ranging from the 'Mini' - excellent for those that like me that have re-discovered the art and pleasure of weekend tea making; to 'Classic' - for those that enjoy their daily cup of tea; right through to 'Tea Lover' which speaks for itself and is the ideal package for those that have an insatiable thirst for tea!  

In addition, Love Tea have £2.00 samples available which offer the opportunity to enjoy the ritual of tea-making whether it be an entirely new experience or if you just want to re-acquaint yourself with loose-leaf tea.

Love Tea have a 'no commitment' policy, so you can order without having to commit to a period of time/minimum orders which comes with the added benefit of free UK delivery.  Packages are such that they can fit through standard letterboxes so no inconvenient collections from the sorting office needed!

I have honestly fallen in love with tea making again and have made a resolve to make time at weekends to perform the process at home, with family/friends and to accompany it, if it's not paska season, then I'll bring out the chocolate biscuits!

If you yourself are looking to turn over a new leaf with regards to tea making, log onto Love Tea and see what's brewing....



Love Tea are offering 'Word In Veg Ways' readers a special discount!  You can receive 40% off your first month's order using the code:  VEGWAYS40.  Visit: for more information about the ranges/ordering process or contact to clarify the discounted offer details.

Disclosure:  This post was written following receipt of a sample from Love Tea.  This review was conducted honestly without bias and I was not required to produce a positive review.  For further details of my PR policy, please see the Press, PR & Food Writing page of this website. 


  1. So true Anna, it is such a long forgotten art. Teapots, tea cosies, cups, saucers, bone china & leaves left at the bottom...

  2. I agree Clare! Once in a while, it's important to make the effort, it makes tea drinking all the more enjoyable! Anna x

  3. We believe taste matters - we always use top quality loose leaf
    we love variety - hence the different tea every month so we can try something new

    Most of all LOVE Tea =)