Saturday, 2 February 2013

Relax, Revitalise & Veg Out

New year and a new start with a new set of resolutions.  January (and even early February) always seems to be that line in the sand where it is stated from this point onwards,  it’s time for new beginnings.  One of the things that most of us promise is to make more time for ourselves (‘Me Time’) and to escape (albeit for a short while), from the daily chaos that inflicts our lives ordinarily.

There are many documented articles about why we need to relax and the benefits from it.  Even if at first you think it doesn’t apply to you, when you start evaluating your routine, you soon realise that the need for relaxation is essential.  Here’s a piece that encompasses many of the reasons why:

‘Me time’ can come in many forms – a walk in the park, reading a book or in some cases, the luxury of spending a week at a retreat.

A friend of mine, Andy, often takes time out for a week or so and enjoys the solitude of spending time relaxing and meditating.  One of the places he goes to is The Barn Retreat.  Set in the Devon countryside, The Barn Retreat allows you to switch off from modern life in its tranquil surroundings and uses vegetarian, organic and Buddhist influences to help achieve this.

To support the retreat and to promote their vegetarian mantra, The Barn Retreat have published their own recipe booklet which includes recipes they cook on-site.  A lovely recipe (that Andy can vouch for) is Creamy Horseradish & Watercress Crumble and with their kind permission, here is a copy of it to try.

So whether it’s a retreat week away or just an hour for yourself when you can, always ensure you have some ‘me-time’ and make it a resolution you intend on keeping – the benefits are endless.

For more information about The Barn Retreat and/or to purchase their recipe booklet, contact:

NB:  References in this article about The Barn Retreat have been made purely based on a plaudit given by a third party and is not an advertorial produced by Word In Veg Ways.

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