Monday, 7 January 2013

Brick Lane - Permanent Street Food Offerings

Road Sign for Brick Lane - in dual language (English & Bengali)

Named after the area's former brick and tile trade, Brick Lane in the east end of London is one of those eclectic places seeped with history which has been influenced by years of international immigration.  Now, it is a modern day arty-cum-retail destination often hosting varying markets and festivals.

Street Art on Brick Lane - tribute to TV's east end trader:  Del Boy (Only Fools & Horses)

The other string to its bow is its food.  Its quarter mile stretch plays host to a plethora of cuisine outlets emulating a permanent street food hub, (if you will).

The walk from one end to the other, leads you on a gastro-global journey from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam to Syria and Israel to name a few.

Although not street food per-se, in the sense of a gathering of mobile vendors, but nevertheless a street food community vibe is present in the form of fixed outlets.

The essence is there, where old meets new in a bohemian environment, a statement of multi-cultural London united by food.   Whether that be via hot noodles from one of the many Asian outlets, cream cheese smothered bagels from the ‘Beigel Bake’ or, (in my opinion), the best falafel I've ever had at Syrian cafe Damascus.

Snapshot of food outlets:  Inc: Jewish bakery - Beigel Bake & Brick Lane Coffee house
(sign above it features the old east end brewery Truman Banbury Buxton)

So if you're looking for a convenient sit down meal, a snack on the go en-route from Spitalfields or 3am post-clubbing fodder, Brick Lane has something for all palettes and price-points.  Just bring your appetite!


On the subject of Street Food - see my article for 'Cook Vegetarian' magazine (February 2013 edition):


  1. Great description of Brick Lane street food. While I love my rural life, and always feel grateful that I have the space to grow food and source great local ingredients, having all this choice of eclectic street food is the one thing I miss/sometimes crave. You're making me hungry!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. How wonderful to live a rural lifestyle! But yes, sometimes city food choices do whet the appetite. So perhaps a trip to London beckons? I try to go once/twice a year to get my fix! In the meantime, enjoy country life - sounds amazing! Anna x