Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Vegetarian BBQ for Camping!

With the summer of 2012  renown for being somewhat soggy, when a weekend of glorious weather beckons, you have to maximise your time in the sun!

So car packed to the brim with camping equipment and a convoy of friends following behind, we set up camp at a beautiful countryside site on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border.
The camp naturally gravitated to splitting into the boys v girls bbq grills and on a disposable bbq tray us girls created our own little veggie banquet.  So as the Pimms jug was chilling, the bbq heated up....

Our grill featured Linda McCartney Italian Sausages, with flecks of red pepper and herbs which provided a lovely hint of flavour and a change from standard veggie sausages.  In addition, we added on fresh sweetcorn cobs, lightly drizzled with olive oil.

The team effort by the girls was enhanced by each of us making a bbq side dish to compliment the grilling feast. 

I made a hearty pasta dish, perfect for eating cold, which was inspired by Nigella’s Linguine with Lemon, Garlic & Thyme Mushrooms recipe. But I made it with conchiglie pasta, I used button mushrooms and omitted the cheese.

Victoria made gorgeous Mediterranean inspired Halloumi and Courgette kebab skewers which when assembled, alternated with a chunk of halloumi cheese and a wedge of either green or yellow courgette.  Both work very well together and the halloumi is especially nice when the edges turn brown, contrasting with the inside of the chunk which is all stretchy and chewy.

Gayle brought along delicious stuffed peppers with a couscous, feta cheese and black olive filling which were wrapped in foil and bbq-ed along side our sweetcorn cobs and a great accompaniment to the sausages.

Julia had created a divine Pea Pate which we spread thickly onto rye bread (as well as onto our sausages), but the recipe itself is ideal to use for all sorts of occasions from buffets to picnics.  Julia’s recipe is:

Pea Pate

400g of Frozen Peas
4 tablespoons of olive oil
½ small tub of Mascapone Cheese
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Veggie Pecorino and Mozzerella Cheese (optional - to place on top for taste & decoration)

·         Cook the frozen peas as per the packet instructions.
·         When cooked, allow to cool.
·         When cooled, place all ingredients into a food mixer/blender and mix until it becomes a pate/paste.
·         Keep chilled until ready to serve.
There are quite a few brands now that offer a variety of burgers and sausages using different flavours such as herbs, spices or other ingredients which is great as veggies finally have a wide selection of items to choose from.  Some brands even have bbq selection packs which contain a mixture of bbq goodies so if you’re having a bbq for one or don’t wish to buy bumper packs of a particular item, these are ideal.  For example, Linda McCartney Foods pack features: 

Equally, having a veggie bbq doesn’t have to be just about veggie sausages and burgers, you can make a wealth of dishes that compliment the bbq grilled foods and turn it into a delicious meal using different textures, tastes and combinations.  The side dishes that go with a bbq are just as important as the focal point grilled items in my view, it’s great fun to experiment with different dips, pates, pastas and salads etc.  Great recipe ideas can be found in the free magazines produced by supermarkets as well as via online food websites.

So next time the weather proves to be kind, get creative with the bbq (whether it be at home, at an outdoor picnic or whilst camping) and make yourself a feast fit for a Veggie (with the Pimms jug constantly topped up, of course.....)


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