Monday, 2 July 2012

Wimbledon - Serving Up an Ace of Pimms & Strawberries

One of the stalwarts of the year’s social and sports calendar has to be Wimbledon.  As crowds descend upon London’s SW19 to watch the world famous tournament, as synonymous as it is for tennis, it is also renowned for its traditional refreshments of strawberries with cream and jugs of Pimms.  

Taking the facts featured on from 2009's tournament, 150000 glasses of Pimms were purchased and as for strawberries & cream, 28000 kilos of English strawberries with 7000 litres of fresh cream were consumed.   

The background work that goes into creating the perfect Wimbledon Strawberry portion is quite amazing and makes you realise why there is so much adoration for it.  Firstly, they have to be Grade 1 English strawberries from registered farms in Kent.  They have to be picked the day before being served, to arrive at Wimbledon for 5:30 a.m. where they are individually inspected before being hulled.  Then are served as a portion size of 10 with lashings of cream.

As much as I love these summer essentials separately, my thoughts turned to putting them together to make the ultimate Wimbledon feast!  

So, experimenting in my kitchen, I created a Pimms laced Eton Mess.  I chopped up a punnet of strawberries into quarters, sprinkled some vanilla sugar on top and placed them into a bowl.  Then, in a separate bowl, using extra thick double cream (occasional indulgence of this calorific version is permitted), I put a splash of Pimms in the cream and mixed it together.  I placed the Pimms infused cream on top of the strawberries and crumbled enough ready-made meringue nests over the mixture to cover it and then enjoyed it with, (of course), a glass of fruit garnished Pimms. 

Pimms laced Eton Mess

Whilst I can’t be at Centre Court or Henman’s Hill this year, I can at least create a little Wimbledon spirit in the comfort of my lounge, enjoying every fruity mouthful whilst nestled in the best seat in the house with my feet up and lots of love, juice and Pimms laced Eton Mess around me.

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