Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Star is Prawn! (Fish Free of course...)

Whilst soya versions of meat have been available for many, many years now (chicken, sausage etc), it has only been recently that alternatives to fish have come onto the marketplace.  Having gone old-school and made a mock fish-finger sandwich with red sauce recently (and loving every mouthful), I was eager to see what else in that vain would grace my supermarket shelves, so I was elated when Linda McCartney Foods (LMF) added Fish Free King Prawns to their range.  Taking advantage of the special Buy One Get One Free offer of LMF products this weekend at Tesco, I bought 2 packs and decided to get all chefy! 

As much as I love a good rice dish and paella being the most obvious option for a prawn recipe, I wanted to steer away from that and taking inspiration from the recent good weather and memories of Mediterranean holidays, I took to scanning my recipe books where I came across 'Spaghetti Con Gameretti e Rucola' from Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie's Italy' book.  Or Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket if your Italian is a bit rusty :).

As much as my husband champions my veggie lifestyle choice and enjoys the food I make, he does like his meat so I made his portion using a seafood medley (including prawns).   Adapting Jamie's recipe slightly, here's what I did.... 

Spaghetti With Fish-Free King Prawns & Rocket

Serves 2

200g Spaghetti
3 Cloves of Garlic
1 large onion
200g Fish-Free King Prawns (or 100g Fish-Free King Prawns and 100g Seafood Medley/Prawns)
100ml White Wine
6 Sundried Tomatoes
½ Lemon
½ bag of Rocket
Oil and salt for cooking
Optional:  Red chillies.

  • Cook the spaghetti in salted water as per packet instructions.
  • Fry the garlic and onion together and red chillies if you are using them.
  • In a food processor, whizz up the sundried tomatoes until you have a paste.
  •  (NB: at this point, if you're making a seafood portion in addition to the Fish-free one, get a spare saucepan, put half of the garlic, onion and chilli mixture into it and add the seafood.  This will ensure that the two portions remain separate.  Following on from here, start dividing up the remainder of the ingredients between the two saucepans).
  • Add the fish-free king prawns to the garlic and onions mixture.
  • Add the white wine, sundried tomato paste and mix together.
  • Gently heat but ensure that the mixture(s) don't burn.  Add a little more wine or some tomato puree if you see it becoming too dry.
  • Drain the spaghetti and divide into two bowls.
  • Add the fish-free king prawn mixture on top (or fish-free king prawn to one bowl and the seafood mix to the other bowl).
  • Sprinkle the rocket leaves on top.
  • Squeeze lemon juice on top.
  • Ready to serve with garlic bread or whatever you fancy!

This dish falls nicely into my philosophy of not having to make separate menus if you're in a meat + veggie household as you can both enjoy virtually the same dish, with only one extra saucepan needed.  (Think of the washing up you'll save)! 

So whilst these hot, early summer days last, enjoy a little bit of the Med in your own back garden and eat this with a glass of wine and maybe a cheeky little 'gelato' for afters!

Note:  This recipe is based on, but has been adapted from Jamie Oliver's book 'Jamie's Italy'. -
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