Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Andorran Trinxat (More to it than Cabbage & Potato)!

Cabbage and potato.  Potato and cabbage.  Not a new combination but one that has been in existence for centuries in many countries world wide, famously in Ireland and many Slavic nations. 

I came across this little gem whilst doing some recipe trawling through the internet and found that Andorra too has a liking for this combo.

Trinxat is a dish from the Catalonia/Andorran regions and the name originates from the Catalan word Trinxar, which translated means "to slice".  This potato and cabbage dish's origins derive from the fact that these items were the only real fresh produce that could survive and be harvested in the mountainous grounds of Andorra.

The original recipe contains pork and/or bacon, so to ensure it is veggie friendly, I use vegetarian bacon.  Now; vegetarian bacon does get its proverbial leg pulled, namely because pork bacon has such a strong taste and texture that it's difficult for soya alternatives to emulate it exactly, compared to other mock-meat variations such as chicken or turkey which resemble their meat counterpart more accurately.  But, if you do your own taste-testing and try different brands, they're all slightly different, you'll find one that you like and that you can use accordingly.

I make this as a main course for myself or it can be made as a side dish.  Of course the beauty of this, is that if you are making this for vegetarians and meat-eaters, you will only need to use one extra saucepan.  Measure out all the other ingredients, split into two, with one saucepan having the veggie bacon version and the other one with the pork bacon.  The seasoning featured in my recipe is tailored towards my taste, so feel free to increase/decrease the measures as you feel and most importantly, enjoy! 

Andorran Trinxat
(1 very hearty Portion or serves 2 as a main course - more if served as a side dish).

150g Shredded Cabbage (I use sliced spring greens)
100g Potatoes
3 Slices of Vegetarian Bacon
1 Large Clove of Garlic
1½ tsp Ground Paprika
Sea Salt (amount dependent on taste)
1 tsp Dried Mixed Herbs
Olive Oil
Vegetarian Stock Cube

* Cut the potatoes into small cubes.
* Place the cubed potatoes and cabbage into a saucepan and cover with boiling water and crumble in the vegetable stock cube.  Boil until all items have been cooked through.
* In the meantime, grill your veggie bacon slices and also the garlic clove.
* Drain the potatoes and cabbage and return them back to the saucepan.  
* Pour some olive oil over the vegetables and gently fry.
* Chop up the veggie bacon into cubes and add to the saucepan with the garlic, paprika and sea salt.
* Keep frying gently and mix together thoroughly.
* Serve whilst warm!
NB: If you want to do what the Andorrans do, then on the final stage of the process, you can place the Trinxat into a large greased frying pan, flatten it out to make a thick 'pancake' of sorts and fry gently.  Then cut into 'slices' (like you would cut a cake) and serve.

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