Saturday, 10 March 2012

Welcome to Word In Veg Ways!

Welcome to Word In Veg Ways!

My name is Anna and having been a vegetarian for the past 22 years, I’ve seen how vegetarian food has moved from being cornered away in health-food shops to a multi-million pound industry with goods available everywhere. 

Food shopping for vegetarians is so easy these days as everything is labelled accordingly, especially so for those following a strict vegetarian diet.  Restaurant menus now denote vegetarian dishes and the options available are now more creative and inspired making them tempting for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.  

Whilst I don’t eat meat, my husband does.  But we often have the same meal with me using soya alternatives instead of meat which can often mean only having to use one extra pan! Proving, you don’t have to have separate meals all the time. 

Being of Slavic descent, being vegetarian has often caused my relatives to be perplexed as to why I voluntarily don’t eat meat when it forms the bulk of their diet, but I have managed to re-create some of my favourite Slavic meals using soya alternatives – although I’m still trying to find a replacement for ‘kielbasa/kovbasa’ (salami-style sausage)!

I’m constantly jotting ideas down, inspired by what I see or read, especially the origins and history of food and dishes, and from this, my blog was born!  So here it is, thoughts, commentary, recipe ideas and if you’d like to get in touch, please do via my email –

Enjoy and Bon Appetite! 

Anna x

NB: This blog is purely a fun site to share vegetarian food ideas and is not a forum for political or ethical vegetarian views or issues, neither is it a forum for nutritional advice.  For more information about vegetarianism and vegetarian nutrition, a suggested organisation to contact would be The Vegetarian Society -


  1. Great site - keep blogging!

  2. Lovely site Anna, I shall look forward to your updates. I can't confess to be a vegetarian as I do eat chicken and fish but I love veggie food and often chose it over meat meals in restaurants, my favourite is mushroom risotto! I cook minced beef recipes at home with quorn, ie: spag bol and chilli con carne and my husband happily eats it too. Keep up the good work and more yummy recipes please.
    Sharon G x