Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rooting for Eddoe!

Fascinated by the new 'Exotics' section of my local Morrison's store and following my recent successful experimentation with cassava (see my National Pie Week blog post), I decided to try out another item from this rack of delights.  Still feeling tentative in this department, (pick things up, put them down, pick things up, put them down....) I decided this time to go for an Eddoe (Arvi).  Similar in concept to the cassava, it's a root which is used in Asian and Caribbean cookery but unlike the waxy exterior of the cassava, eddoe has a hairy skin (like a coconut).  You mustn't eat it raw, even after peeling.  So after doing some internet research, I decided to boil it whole (skin still on) until the eddoe was tender and soft.  Removing it from the water made it very easy to peel and ready to use.  I guess you can use it as you would any root vegetable (exotic or otherwise) so I decided to slice it, as thin as I would tomato slices, and stir-fry it with other vegetables, sprinkling it with dried herbs and Himalayan Pink Salt for taste.  You can choose any flavouring or spice when cooking eddoe - it's like a potato, a blank canvas you can do anything with. Think of it as a cupcake that you can decorate any which way you like!  So next time you pop to your local supermarket for a pint of milk, swing by the 'Exotics' - after all, if you don't give it a go, you'll never know!

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