Sunday, 11 March 2012

National Pie Week 2012

I, like most, didn't need asking twice to mark National Pie Week (ending 12 March 2012). The pie has been in existence for centuries in many different guises, with a recipe for chicken pie even being recorded on a tablet c.2000BC in Sumer (modern day Iraq).   My contribution to this celebration of pastry-filled delight, is a little experiment combined with the curiosity of how to cook the Caribbean root 'cassava'.  Cassava can be found in many High Street supermarkets now and is very similar to the Yam.  Usually it is used for desserts although I think it lends itself wonderfully as a savoury ingredient.  It has a dark, waxy bark-type exterior which needs to be peeled away (as you would with a potato) and if there are pink marks, don’t worry, keep peeling until you’re left with a lovely white vegetable (similar shape to a sweet potato).  Then, chop it into small chunks (1cm squares), coat in oil, nutmeg, turmeric and paprika roast them for about 40-60 minutes. In the meantime, using Quorn Chicken-style pieces, fry them in oil, rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes until soft.  Unless you have the gift of making lovely pastry, I would suggest using Jus-Rol puff pastry sheets – already made, already rolled – the perfect short-cut!  Place the Quorn pieces and cassava chunks onto one half of the pastry sheet, cover using the other half of pastry and pinch together (getting that Cornish pasty effect) and brush with milk to get that golden glaze and finally, bake until the crust is a gorgeous bronzed colour!  I made 2 pies, this vegetarian one for me and a chicken meat one for my husband.  As with so many meat recipes, a slight adaptation using Quorn/soya alternatives means you can both enjoy effectively the same meal with little extra effort.   There are a few hours left before National Pie Week draws to a close, so before the clock strikes midnight, I’m off to devour an apple pie – well it would be rude not to........ J


  1. Thanks Anna, you've inspired me :)

    1. That's great to hear, I hope you keep enjoying the site! Anna (Word in Veg Ways)