Saturday, 31 March 2012

Khobez Sandwiches

I'm a big fan of sandwiches and I always like to create different fillings or use different breads as one can get tired of the standard 2 bread slice and basic filling option.  I thought I'd seen most flat breads in the market place but I came across khobez flat breads recently having not seen them before.  The ones I bought were by Hollyland Bakery from my local Sainburys store. 

My eyes were instantly drawn to the fact that they were labelled as being 'suitable for vegetarians' and contained 'no animal fats'. 

Khobez originates from Mediterranean and Arabic speaking countries and is traditionally baked in a tandoor oven.  It is often used to accompany curries or tagines in the same way a naan bread would be used.  But by using it in the same principle as a tortilla, khobez (especially when lightly grilled), makes a great wrap sandwich. 

My khobez trial was accompanied by a filling of avocado, watercress leaves, goats cheese and Quorn Chicken-style slices.  So when you're thinking about your next sandwich lunch, consider the khobez as an alternative to the usual 2 slice sarnie.


  1. Hi Anna

    I like the last post, here is a question for you. With the BBQ season looming what do you suggest as a meat free option to have?


    1. Hi John! I'm glad you like the post and that you found it interesting. I love bbq season and as well as the usual suspects on the grill (eg: veggie sausages, burgers etc)you can purchase favoured grill items from ranges such as Linda McCartney or Quorn that have added cheese, herbs and spices which give a different dimension to just a plain burger. But if you're feeling creative, recipes that can be found in many veggie cookbooks (try River Cottage Veg for example), show how to build your own burger using fresh vegetables. Vegetable kebabs using root vegetables is also a nice alternative. Happy bbq-ing!