Thursday, 15 March 2012

Boxty - Pancakes for St Patrick's Day

In need of something warm and hearty to eat, I cast my mind back to about a year ago when I discovered a recipe for Boxty.  

Boxty, (deriving from the old Irish word 'Bacstai'), is an Irish potato pancake, although it has varying recipes across Ireland, all recipes contain fried, finely grated raw potatoes.  

Using the standard fried, grated potato recipe base, I cook my Boxty in a 7" frying fan with some vegetable oil.  I pad my version out with a little natural yoghurt in the potato mixture, then add vegetarian bacon, fried onions, mushrooms and red peppers - making it a lot thicker than other versions but that makes it all the more filling, which can only be a good thing.  

So whether you're wishing to sample some culinary craic this St Patrick's Day or just in need of some hearty fayre during these chilly mid-March days, boxties are just the ticket.  

For recipe ideas, Google 'Boxty Recipes' - remember where recipes suggest using bacon, you should be able to substitute pork bacon for vegetarian bacon. 

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